2021 has been a year no one could have imagined. Our country and right across the world, how we live and work has changed in so many ways.

For the past 18 months we have been in and out of lockdown, limiting our capacity to inspire future generations through Ballarat’s vibrant gold rush heritage and the story of its impact on our nation. The stories we tell of humanity represent the ongoing search for a better life. What this means is different for each of us. All of us face opportunities and obstacles and the way we respond defines us and shapes the search of others. This was true in the past just as it is today.

And whilst we cannot welcome our supporters in a way we love to, we can invite you to support us by buying a ticket in our gold lottery – a reminder of our golden past and the golden future we have ahead of us.

In doing so, you’ll be helping an iconic community-focused institution get back on its feet, and at the same time, who knows, you might come out a winner!

Good luck to everyone and we look to welcoming you back soon.

Sara Quon – CEO, Sovereign Hill Museums Association.

How you can help

Every dollar spent on a Sovereign Hill Gold Lottery ticket means we can re-open stronger and safer for all Australians.